Jared L Weicht

Son, Brother, Uncle, Grandson, Friend
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What Jared was like

Jared had an infectious laugh and a beautiful smile. He loved family and friends deeply and was devoted to both. Jared treated everyone equally and was quick to help someone in need. He was positive and always quick to offer encouraging words.

Fondest memories of Jared

My favorite memories of Jared involved travel. We both loved meeting people and eating exotic food. We particularly loved Alaska and the Baltic States and did both as a family. In his last rehab situation, I asked Jared if he’d like to visit Russia and we did. His sister, Lindsey, was born 4 years before Jared and since they both shared March birthdays, our tradition was to celebrate their birthdays together. But, no matter what the memory or occasion, everyone loved to hear Jared laugh.

How Jared will be missed

There are no words. I miss everything and always will.

How Jared will be remembered

Jared was courageous, kept his word, was loyal to those he loved, and was quick to challenge and question the status quo. Jared would like to be remembered as someone who loved hard and loved life — because he did both. Jared would often comment that he “didn’t want to be defined by his disease” and I don’t believe he will be. Jared was kind to animals and people and didn’t have time or interest to live his life under false pretenses. Jared was a beautiful human being.