Jeremy Lee Perry

Husband, Dad, son, brother
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What Jeremy was Like

Jeremy was a firefighter he was a first responder he once was a E.M.T. He loved helping people. He loved his family and we loved him. My whole world changed when he died. He was my every single thing! He was my soul mate. Never be another! I miss u

Fondest Memories of Jeremy

My favorite memory of him is the first day we met. He never left. He stayed and loved me until the day he died. I miss you so very much

How Jeremy will be Missed

Omg!! Every SINGLE thing! Everything! I hope i loved him enough. I hope he knew how much. I didnt get the chance to really tell him. He was my soul mate. I loved him sooo very much
I miss watching him be a dad to our sons Logan and Brandon. He was such a good dad.

How Jeremy will be remembered

As a person who loved out of his heart whole! UNSELFIShILY! Who would help you, before he helped his self.