Shannon L Bagwell

My only child beautiful daughter
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What Shannon was Like

Shannon loved everyone and everyone loved her. I miss her so much it hurts! I never thought she would die before me. I found her in her room and tried to revive her but it was too late. She had a wonderful life.

Fondest Memories of Shannon

There are so many to name. Her sitting in her walker watching her daddy pull tape off the roll, she was 6 months old. She laughed so hard at the sounds it made. I miss her saying good night I love you! Every night!

How Shannon will be Missed

Her happy smile . Her doing something new and telling us to watch as she did it over and over again. Shannon could hear a few lyrics to a song and tell you who sang it and when it was released

How Shannon will be remembered

Peace and love. And always a smile and a hello to everyone she met. As a good friend who would help anyone she could.