Jerry A Lentz

My first born Son
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What Jerry was like

He was my first born, so full of life and light, an old soul, my mini me. He let depression take over his life through his slight autism and found herion. Got clean for 6 years,one relapse found herion wasn't herion and fentanyl murdered my son.

Fondest memories of Jerry

He and his siblings was playing were video games in the living room, I told them it's a nice day go outside to play. He took them out on the deck and were playing video games through the window and door, I said that's not I mean, go in the yard. I happen to look outside and he had his tv on a chair, Xbox on another with an extention cord from his bedroom and he and his siblings were playing video games in the middle of the yard. LoL I gave up.

How Jerry will be missed

I will miss everything. His laugh, his smile, his jokes, his art he used to make the way he decorated the house with displays that I swore could be seen from space. He was so kind and loved kids. I will miss everything about him.

How Jerry will be remembered

He would like to be remembered as a good friend and person who would do anything for anyone and a jokester who loved life and everyone he knew.