Larry Neil Hackett

Son, Father, Husband, Brother, Uncle, Nephew, Cousin & Friend!

What Larry was like

Larry was a fun loving soul. He was the type that even if he hadn't seen you in months he would spark up a conversation. He enjoyed being active preforming bike tricks and playing basketball. Larry above all absolutely loved being with his family.

Fondest memories of Larry

There are so many memories that all of us will hold dear and close to our hearts. I will always remember the camping trip when the whole family went together and all of the family get togethers. I will remember stopping over at my aunt & uncles house and Larry would be riding his bike and doing different tricks. One of the most special memories I will forever hold close is watching Larry and his mom dancing together at his wedding.

How Larry will be missed

Even though our family is will never be complete without Larry. He held a special place. I will miss him just being there whenever there is a family function.

How Larry will be remembered

Larry will be remembered as a happy loving compassionate good person. He left a beautiful little girl and a handsome little boy who will know he loved them so very much. Larry will be remembered as a teen who fell deeply in love and ended up marrying his wife. He will forever be remembered as his mother and father's precious perfect baby of the family. The memories made with his sisters and brother will be cherished forever. Larry will always be remembered for loving & caring for all.