Jessica Chelsea Leigh Corrine Jasmine HAYWARD

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What Jessica was like

Her unique perspective gave her the ability to see and understand things that people around her were going through and help them see it more positively. If only she could've seen herself. She struggled with feelings of inadequacy that no one saw.

Fondest memories of Jessica

JESS: Can I borrow one of your masquerade masks? I'm going trick or treating with the kids....
FrIend: What are you going out as?
JESS: A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN...but I need to wear a mask cause I might have warrants

How Jessica will be missed

Her smile , her laugh , her loving-kindness and imagination

How Jessica will be remembered

She would like to be remembered as she truly was. Someone who deeply regretted being an addict but could no more change that than she could change the way the world spins. She would like to be remebered as a mother a daughter a friend and sister, just a regular person. Not just another addict. Like she said it wouldn't matter if she never did drugs again, or she turned her life around and never did wrong for 50 years no matter what people would always see her as just another junkie, not as her