Jonathan Ayres

Son, Brother, Uncle, Big Hearted, Comical
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What Jonathan was Like

JJ was one of a kind. He loved making others others laugh through his scare cams and dumb jokes. He was a self taught drummer. Which became his passion. He loved the Seattle Seahawks. He was quick witted and loved his family with his whole being.

Fondest Memories of Jonathan

Our favorite memory of JJ was when he was 19 and wanted his sister to buy him and his friends beer. He said he would do anything for it. So his sister dared him to run down the street naked and well in great JJ fashion He Did Just That!!

How Jonathan will be Missed

Everything about JJ will be missed. Most of all his sense of humor. The sound of his voice. His phone calls to his momma just to tell her she's beautiful. His nieces and nephews not getting a chance to know who he was. The sound of him banging on his drums and the smell of his cologne throughout the house.

How Jonathan will be remembered

I truly believe JJ would want to be remembered as living life to the fullest. His love for his family and laughter was his greatest strength!!