William Everett Rose

Forever 39
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What William was Like

He was a bright light in everyone’s life. Always smiling and he loved his family more than words could express. He was very talented with wood, making beautiful pallet furniture, in his surveying job he was sought after, with hunting he loved to teach his daughters and to just to be in the woods with his family and all of his hunting buddies. 

He was kind and funny and expressive. 

Fondest Memories of William

When he was around 7, he came walking up the steep hill at our home, carrying a snapping turtle as big as he was! Fearless!  The first time we visited him after he’d been in Teen Challenge recovery program for several weeks and he was standing on the front porch literally glowing, free from the grip of opiates for the first time in years! Determined & Proud! 

How he was as a Daddy with his 3 daughters - affectionate, protective, loving, dedicated & proud.  How he loved being “Coach William” with his middle daughter’s softball team and how he was with the girls, silly and funny. They loved him. 

How William will be Missed

He is missed in so many ways, as the best hunting buddy with his Dad. He is missed for his beautiful smile and the twinkle in his eyes, for his warm bear hugs, his outgoing fun personality, his kind heart, his love for his family and especially his love for his daughters, and his love and dedication to his friends. He knew how to love and his presence is missed. 


How William will be remembered

As a Dad that would give the world to get better, hopeful about the future, ready to start his outpatient program, to get healthy for his daughters. As a warrior, a fighter against his addiction and for those he knew that struggled like he did. As an avid hunter and how much he loved being outside and in the woods. As a man who loved God and who had just come back to his church and his faith. As a shining light in this world, a man that just wanted to live in peace, to love and to be healed.