Joseph Ihsan

Son, Brother, Grandson, and Friend
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What Joseph was like

Joey was full of life, light and love. He was smart-too smart, I thought he would change the world. He had a captivating smile, a natural leader. The sparkle in his eye would light up a room, his quick wit made sure you knew he was two steps ahead.

Fondest memories of Joseph

He was my everything. Made me a mom. Memories of his laugh, his eyes and joy keep me going now. He saved a hummingbird, loved his dog, enjoyed swimming and was a beach bum at heart. He wrote amazing stories and loved his video games. He was always up to something. He wanted everyone to be happy. Hated to disappoint or have anyone upset with him. I adored him and the first time he winked at me, to get out of something I am sure - we both laughed that he thought that would work. (but it did)

How Joseph will be missed

Hearing his voice calling me ma, mom, or even mama. Hugging him. And of course that smile and twinkle in his eye.

How Joseph will be remembered

He tried and fought his addiction with everything he had. Over and over again. He searched for love and acceptance and struggled with guilt which fueled his depression and addiction. He was his own worst enemy. He was not weak or lazy. He was a fighter. But, overcoming addiction is HARD. He was always good enough - he just never believed it.