Kassandra Jayne Juarez

Mother, daughter, friend, beautiful soul
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What Kassandra was like

What I wouldn't give to have 1 more day with her. She was a spunky, caring a d very driven girl who loved hard when she loved. She thought of herself as an outside, however, she was nothing of the sort. I wish she knew her worth before her passing because if she had known how much we all valued her, maybe then she'd still be here.

Fondest memories of Kassandra

When she came to visit me at work when I was on work release from prison. It was the first time we had really hung out outside of being incarcerated together images remember thinking after she left like geez that was the first time that we've hung out and just being so happy that the one person that I really admired that I met during my time was actually starting to form a really good friendship outside of jail I miss her so fucking much I need her so bad right now

How Kassandra will be missed

Not having her to help me through tough times, not seeing her amazing smile, never hearing her call me 'hjelle bean' again.

How Kassandra will be remembered

She probably wouldn't . That was just her mentality...