Krystal Dae Biagini Veitch

Mother, Sister, Wife, Friend
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What Krystal Dae was Like

Krystal is pure love and light Her laughter and energy fills an entire house She loves with abandon and joy Her hugs feel like home Everyday has been an adventure She has left a hole in our life that the scope and depth cannot be described

Fondest Memories of Krystal Dae

The hardest question in a lifetime of memories, running barefoot as children, making daisy chains for our hair, watching scary movies and then cartoons so we could sleep. Singing at the top of our lungs off key. Watching her be a mom. Her rocking my babies to sleep. The way her eyes light up with mischief that you know you will follow along with. Having to put bells on her to keep up, her laughter. Cooking dinner, baking birthday cakes. Her love.

How Krystal Dae will be Missed

What I miss now, the sound of her voice, the way she loves us. Her energy. I want to hear my door open and my children run yelling for Aunt Kriddle. I miss my sister. I miss her life. I miss her child saying "hey momma" her arms around my neck. Dancing in my kitchen, Sunday mornings making breakfast, midnight snacks and the thousand things we didn't have to say when we curled up on the couch.

How Krystal Dae will be remembered

Remember her love and her gentleness, Remember that even in her darkest days her kindness and concern for others was present Remember that she spoke her truth. She didn't lie about her struggles even when she could have. You always know she loves you. Even if its was just a daily text.