Mike A Ugland

Brother Uncle Son

What Mike was like

Hi! I have read many stories and even explored other websites for information on individuals I have read about and by know means read them all! Just enough for me to finally post. My brother not "technically deceased" but a anoxic Brain injury I learned what was later. Feels much worse then a death. Can't speak, eat, go bathroom, etc. Years of finding a place for him at different times. Several moves. My parents have been devastated. Not going into details but as everyone knows losing a child is devastating. And this one still here as a reminder with no quality of life. Deal with his care daily. Mind you we are so lucky the place we were able to get him into 4 plus years ago still there. The staff is amazing! And always hard to find help. Who would want to this kind of work! Cleaning and feeding the disabled? I still hate going there.

Fondest memories of Mike

We were brothers and close til say Jr high area drift apart and then best friends and ran business together for years. And then I saw it coming and we tried

How Mike will be missed

Well not his loud snoring /breathing as kids in a hotel room. But pretty much everything as someone that knew him 42 plus years going on 49

How Mike will be remembered

Still trying to figure that out being he still "alive"