Mitch Haney

Son, Brother Lover of Golf
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What Mitch was Like

Mitch loved his two sisters and his family! Mitch was a funny, caring person with beautiful blue eyes, a sweet spirit, a sense of humor, a love of the outdoors and a caring heart. Mitch loved fishing, golfing and paintball and anything outdoors!

Fondest Memories of Mitch

As a young boy, Mitch was known for constructing club house after club house that became more elaborate and impressive over time…you just had to watch out for the 6 inch nails poking out on the inside so you didn’t get injured! He literally would hold his sisters by the ankles, making them help him dumpster dive for clubhouse raw materials. He considered his sisters his 'wingmen' in life and they are lucky to have survived his antics!

How Mitch will be Missed

I will miss his laugh, his love of food and searching out the best great place to eat! I will miss his free spirit and sense of adventure. I'll miss his 'special recipe' breakfasts and the way he drove us all crazy. I'll miss his sweet smile and his kind heart.

How Mitch will be remembered a guy who makes a great fashion statement, a badass golfer, an expert paintballer, a lover of black labs (Lilly and Cali), a lover of the outdoors, a big brother and a son/grandson who tried his best.

..a friend who drove his friends crazy, as a guy who ladies loved, and as a human being who struggled like everyone else.

He will be forever in our hearts.