Matthew Jose Rivero

Son, brother, lover, adventurous, and
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What Matthew was Like

Matthew lived life in the fast lane. He absolutely loved his mom, dad, and younger brother. His laugh was infectious and he could entertain anyone for hours with his stories. He had a soft side that rarely anyone got to see. He loved 4-wheelers.

Fondest Memories of Matthew

There are so many, but Matthew and I met in treatment and I knew I loved him right away. When we got out, we spent a lot of time together. One night when he was over and we were laying in bed, he said "I love you...I've never been this happy before in my entire life." I never let him live down the fact that he said it first. I'd give anything to go back to that night, to hear him say that one more time.

How Matthew will be Missed

There are so many things I miss about Matthew. I miss him waiting for me at my apartment to hangout when I got off work. I miss driving around in his truck to nowhere, even though his driving scared me. I miss cuddling with him when we had nothing to do. I miss texting him throughout the day when I'm bored at work. I miss talking to him about everything and nothing. I miss his smile and the sound of his laugh when he thought he was being funny. I miss hearing "I love you" from him.

How Matthew will be remembered

I believe that Matthew would want to be remembered for his adventurous side; there was nothing he wouldn't try. He would want people to remember to always have fun, because he always wanted to have fun. He would want to be remembered as a son and a brother who loved his family very much.