Reagan Thompson

Reagan Brent Dalby Thompson

Reagan was born in Anchorage, Alaska and always considered himself Alaskan. He was the middle of 3 brothers - Sam (25) and Quinn (19). He was very quiet, but had a wicked sense of humor and when he did say something it would usually be hilarious. He was tender-hearted, loving and kind. He loved babies and little kids and dogs, and they loved him too! In 4th grade he became known as Ray, informing us that we'd given him a girl's name (he had a female classmate with the name Reagan) and he did NOT want to have a girl's name! He loved to skateboard and was pretty good at it. He was very talented at playing the guitar and liked teaching others how to play. Ray was always drawn to other kids who were sad or hurting and he just accepted them for who they were, as they were. When Ray went to friends' houses, we almost always got reports from the parents about how sweet, and polite he was and a pleasure to have over. Ray was our ""blondie-blond"" boy, with amazing eyes that changed color according to his mood, the clothes he wore or even the weather. His hands had ""simian"" creases on them and he was born with dimples in his shoulders. He was stocky and thick - not fat, but solid. He gave the best hugs and kisses! He was very sensitive and seemed to feel things very intensely, and didn't really know how to express how he felt. "