Christopher Sanderson

Christopher David Sanderson

Christopher was a beautiful soul, such a sweet a precious gift to all of our lives. He was a very sought after friend growing up. Chris was very popular without trying. He had a spirit where people just wanted to be with Chris. Our Christopher was kind and passionate about anything he chose to be involved in. He loves Sports,he played competitive tennis, football, basketball and was a great golfers at a young age. He also loved politics, acting, singing, performing, he went to film school and wanted to study politics and law. He always had a lot of friends. He was a very loved and adored son. He was beautiful physically, inside and out. His family so adored him and was always very over protective of him, since I, his mother, lost a husband in a car accident at age 24, I always felt this need to protect him from the hard stuff in this world.I wouldn't allow any unnecessary risks with him. I loved him so much. At his service we had about 2,000 people come through and so many kids from all walks of life told me, he was his best friend. He always had a calming peace about him when in the presences of others and encouraged others to live their dreams and live their lives. I miss him and love him so much!