Rebecca Lynn Mueller

My sister, my best friend
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What Rebecca was like

She was the life of the party when we were in our teens, she was number 2 of the 4 Mueller sisters, she was so much more than my sister though, she was truly my best friend and my daughter absolutely loved her!

Fondest memories of Rebecca

She came over to my house one night and we were dancing, she jumped up on the fireplace and started her attempt at dancing and she just falls flat on her back, to this day I can’t hear Push it by salt N pepa without thinking about her! Then we were at a party on a lake and it was time to leave and she was nowhere to be found, all of a sudden we look and she has taken the rowboat to the middle of the lake and is yelling “Come on in guys the waters nice”!! She knew how to have fun!

How Rebecca will be missed

We used to remake songs and they were always about food, it was our thing! We stayed laughing no matter what was going on, I miss her more today than the day she left and I’ll miss her even more tomorrow I know! She was always giving, whether it was gifts for my daughter or making things to hang on the walls, drawing pages for coloring books!

How Rebecca will be remembered

As the kindest person with the sweetest soul!! Absolutely beautiful inside and out!