Sarah Jane Roach

Our precious girl
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What Sarah was like

Sarah battled demons for much of her life, though she grew up in a loving home, addiction stole her from her family and friends for many years. Sarah had the voice of an angel, and spent her last several months helping others get sober

Fondest memories of Sarah

Sarah playing the piano and singing Adelle, with her beautiful voice. She truly did have the talent to big a big star! This makes her death all the more tragic, addiction stole so much from this beautiful human… I will never forget the sound of her voice

How Sarah will be missed

I will miss her phone calls, her feisty personality, her sense of humor, her fragility and strength, her positive impact on those around her… her singing, I will miss all of the opportunities we would have had to see her grow up. Such a bright light

How Sarah will be remembered

Sarah would like to be remembered as an amazing dog mommy, a loving girlfriend, friend, mentor, god-daughter, daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, child of God. Sarah worked very hard to stay sober, and I am so very proud of her!