Robert (CJ) Craigg Martin

Son, Brother, Father
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What Robert (CJ) was like

If he were born in the days of the peace and love era he would have fit in perfectly. He would give the shirt off his back and did alot for charity. To know him is to love him. He was a truely good person whose laugh was contagious. We Miss him.

Fondest memories of Robert (CJ)

At Thanksgiving every year he would steal food as it was being prepared the minute you turned your head it was in his mouth.

How Robert (CJ) will be missed

I miss his laugh. I miss his heart of gold. I miss his confidence. I wish he could see his son growing up. I miss every single thing about him. He was a beautiful person and so full of life. He didnt have an enemy in this world but he had so many friends and would never meet a stranger. He was so proud of his son and he loved him so much. He was 4 when his daddy got his wings. We hold him even tighter today. We are loving him for ourselves and for his daddy.

How Robert (CJ) will be remembered

He would like to have been remembered as a good person and he would want those left behind to live their best life in his remembrance. He wanted the best for everybody. He would want everyone to remember that just because you may be different thats ok because life is too short to not be yourself. He was always himself and didnt care what others thought of how he dressed or the drum he played. He would have told you to love yourself no matter what. He was just that kind of guy.