Sean "Sam" Shipley

My talented son, and father of Cianni.
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What Sean was like

Sensitive, tried hard to please. Helped me do construction work around the home, starting at an early age, he was amazing the way he could reason out any problem. Would help friends with a roof, construction work, brakes for their car, ect.

Fondest memories of Sean

Kindness to others, when he received Christmas money he would use the money to buy his friends a gift.
He was never good at school and really wanted to get an award, so he did not miss any school days and received the perfect attendance award for 2 years. Another year he and his twin brother took apart a pop-up trailer and reassembled in a tree for their treehouse.

How Sean will be missed

Seeing him, getting a hug, spending time talking.

How Sean will be remembered

His love, abilities, kindness. That he did try hard and succeeded in being clean for a few years. What great years they were!!!