Robert Jay Summers

Son, Brother, Father, Friend, Partner,
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What Robert was like

Rob was a gentle soul with a heart that was even larger than his effortless ability to make even the hardest person laugh, through the 8 years we spent fighting side by side against the world for true love I was shaped into the woman I am today

Fondest memories of Robert

I don't know if I can pick a favorite memory but the one that came straight to mind was Valentine's Day of 2016, he had already told me he was getting me a ring because he didn't want to guess the wrong ring size. So time passed by and he came to me and said he was putting it off because he didn't have enough money. It turns out he had planned to hold off for our vacation to my mother's a week or two away and asked her permission and then proposed to me in front of my entire family

How Robert will be missed

I miss his ability to make any situation brighter, his passion and love for his family, and his genuine phobia of a serious moment usually disrupted by a goofy face or crazy noise that immediately would have the room erupting with wholesome laughter from being caught off guard .. he was a wonderful father who had the unique ability to be a big kid himself and not only be a dad but a friend, and no matter the situation he was always there to make me feel safe and see the sun on the other side

How Robert will be remembered

I know he would always want to be remembered again for the amount of love and the bond he shared with his family which was always his number one concern, his gift of jumping to help anyone who needed him without hesitation, his talent for art and drawing, and his love of music