Zoe Christine Link

Zoe was beautiful from the inside out. She never met a stranger. She had a heart of gold. If you met Zoe you would never forget her.

What Zoe was like

Zoe was my daughter in law and the mother of my oldest grandson. She loved with every ounce of her being. She fought her battle with addiction with everything she had. In the end her demons were just bigger than she was. She was an angel on earth and now she’s our guardian angel.

Fondest memories of Zoe

Zoe was FULL of personality. There was way too many memories to only pick one. She was so silly and loved to make people happy even at her own expense. Many times she put others ahead of herself. She loved my son with everything she had and she loved her son with everything she had. She treated our family as if we were her own (which we were). Her and I had a bond from the very first time I met her. My daughter and her were like sisters. Everyone thought she was my daughter and Justin (my son) was the in-law. She was type 1 diabetic but loved anything and everything sweet. Although we only had 4 years with her the memories we do have of her will always make me smile. There are so many good times we shared together. Bad ones too but the good far outweigh the bad. Her parents have SO many amazing memories with her and tell the most amazing stories of her most of them were just how sensitive, sweet, and hilarious she was. To know Zoe was to love Zoe.

How Zoe will be missed

I miss so much about her. I miss her phone calls just to talk about her day. How she got so excited about small stuff. I miss her smile. I miss her jumping up in my bed and watching our favorite TV shows. I miss the way she looked at my son and my grandson with such love. I miss her voice, her hugs, her jokes, her silliness. We called her slowee because she was LATE for everything and took forever to leave anywhere even just a store to get gas lol. We used to tell her she will be late to her own funeral but that’s the one thing she was much to early for and the only thing she left way too soon from was her friends and family.

How Zoe will be remembered

Zoe would want to be remembered as the sweet soul she was. An amazing daughter, wife, daughter in law, granddaughter, great granddaughter, niece, aunt, cousin, and friend. She would like to be remember as the girl who started a prayer group in jail and turned so many hearts to the Lord. She would like to be remembered as the one who tried so hard to help others seek recovery. She would like to be remembered as the one who fought so hard to stay in recovery. The most important thing in her life was my son, her son, and her parents. I feel the most important thing she’d like to be remembered for is a selfless mom and wife who loved them both more than life itself. She gave everything she had in every situation she was in. She had so many struggles in life with her health and she pushed thru and always made the best of every situation she’d like to be remembered as a strong fighter that persevered until she couldn’t any longer.