Russell Ray Davis

Brother, Son, Uncle,Cousin, Friend
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What Russell was Like

Russ was the life of every party. He was loving, caring, genuine and over the top. He was always the loud one and our world got a lot more quiet without him. We love you and miss you so much Russ! Forever missed and loved!

Fondest Memories of Russell

Wow! Just growing up so close as a family. We have so many memories and spent every holiday together. We all were together as family. Family over everything! But summers at the house on Goddard were the best memories.

How Russell will be Missed

Everything. His loud voice for sure! Playing cards at family parties. Him aggravating me and lundinne lol. Him missing the chance to be an uncle to his 3 babies, 1 niece, 1 nephew and 1 in the oven. I miss that he isn't here to see how great Lundinne is doing. I know he'd be so proud! Maybe he would have a bike too along with all the guys. I know you're with us though. We all miss you!

How Russell will be remembered

As he would tell me, he's a lover not a fighter. Lol. I believe he would want to be remembered as someone who was always there for family and just a great guy who made you laugh and feel good. A great friend, brother, son, Uncle,Cousin and the list goes on. He was one of a kind. Your memory lives on through all of us!