Samuel Morales

Pure, Gentle, Companion, Son, Brother
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What Samuel was like

I met Sam in Florida through my personal journey in recovery. We instantly clicked the moment we met. We became inseparable instantly. Everyone who met Sam loved him, it was impossible not to. He is one of the most gentle loving people I have known.

Fondest memories of Samuel

One of my favorite memories is going to the West Coast of FL to escape hurricane Matthew. Or singing in the shower to Odesza. We loved skipping work to order Hawaiian pizza from dominos. I can’t pick one favorite. Every moment with Sam is a favorite memory of mine with him. We would laugh until we couldn’t breathe whenever we were together, over the silliest things too like v8 juice. We would talk about anything and everything.

How Samuel will be missed

I have missed for 4 years being able to pick up the phone and talk to him. I miss his smile, his kind brown eyes, his gentle energy, and his contagious laugh. I miss listening to music with him. I just miss him so much. But I know he is one of my guardian angels and protects me. I know he protected me throughout my pregnancy and the health of my daughter. I feel his spirit often. I talk to him and pray to him still. Losing him completely changed me.

How Samuel will be remembered

Sam would want to be remembered as a kind person who helped others, and that’s exactly what he left as his legacy. Even when he was facing his own demons, he more often put helping others first. Sam was strong, kind, open minded, loving, adventurous, passionate, intelligent, spiritual, and so gentle. I feel so grateful to have the time I did with Sam and all of the beautiful memories we shared. They will be with me forever and I know I will cross paths with him again some day. I know he is free.