A note of compassion to all mothers who have had this tragedy in their life

Ann Marie Van Houten
Mom's Name
Marguerite / Nana-ma ... We love her so! : )

As a mother of 3 boys, who I love more than life, I am thankful every day that I have not had to deal with this truly tragic disease. My sons are Charlie, 28, Jesse, 27 and Tyler, 21. I have so much compassion for all you moms, and I grieve with you as I read any one of your stories. The beautiful pictures of your children, who have left us too soon, always bring a tear to my eye. To know that addiction can start at any point in a child's life, teenager, young adult or adult, is so incredibly scary.  I can imagine how you've thought "what could I have done", "how did I not know", "what did we do wrong" ... and only hope that you find peace in your heart one day, if you haven't already, that you did do everything you could and you were/are the best mothers! Everytime I see a commercial or any form of awareness, it makes me so happy that the message is finally getting through; more slowly than we would like, but I do see a difference. My heart goes out to you and your families and your loss and grief do not go unnoticed. Happy Mother's Day to you all!