Redemption of little linda lou

Linda Nieman
Tell us about your (or your loved one's) recovery journey. What has been the most rewarding part?

I was abandoned by my mother at 3 years old. She got me back at 7, and then my stepfather began molesting me. I was molested by 6 different men and raped by my biological father by the time I was 12. My stepfather gave me alcohol to do what he wanted to do. I started drinking daily around 10. At 11 my first baby daddy turned me on to pot, KJ, PCP, etc. I was pregnant at 16 and a mom at 17. I had only abusive drunken drugged relationships that lasted years. I was a horrible mother to my 2 daughters. When I wasn't selling or running drugs I turned to prostitution to cover my habit. I ended up going to prison 3 times before God finally opened my eyes and upon my release in April 2004. I gave my heart to Christ and began my relationship with God. It has been an interesting 15 years. God has delivered on his promises and I have peace and faith that are unshakable these days. Troubles come, they always will but with God, I get past them quickly and come out better for them. My Lord. Keep grooming and changing me till I am totally what you want me to be. Amen

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