Charles  Queija

Charles Queija


This was the last time that I saw my twin brother Charlie alive. It was Christmas Day 2000. He was the most loving, kind, and generous person that I’d ever known. He had a great sense of humor and lived to make others laugh. Charlie struggled with drug addiction for so many years. He lived a double life because he didn’t want others to know the demons he battled. He was found dead of “drug overdose / multiple drug toxicity.”

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Christine Ruiz
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Drug addiction or any addiction affects everyone, not just the person with the addiction.
Loved ones live in constant fear of getting that “dreaded phone call.”
Never give up on someone suffering from addiction and most of all, tell them that you love them every chance that you get.
I miss my brother each and every day. He died Valentine’s Day 2001. Gone too soon.
Thank you Shatterproof for all that you are doing to spread awareness and to save lives.

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