Stephenie  Jesi

Stephenie Jesi


Stephenie was a wonderful young lady with so many opportunities waiting for her. She was enormously loved by her large family and returned that love in her own way. As many do, Steph kept her addiction very private. I suppose she did that out of embarrassment but feel it was to protect her family. She had a very infectious smile and laugh that could light up a room.

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Steve Jesi
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I mostly miss giving her big hugs! I loved to cook for her and have her over the house. I miss her interacting with her brothers, which sometimes carried on too far and I would blow a gasket, but I honestly miss it! I don't miss wondering what she was doing or where she was. I don't miss knowing that she was harming herself and couldn't prevent it. I do know from a strong faith in God that she is out of harms way, at peace and with her grandparents in Heaven. I do know that I have an Angle looking over me!

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