Geron Birmingham

Geron Dale Birmingham

A hero who is missed

Geron was an only child. He could charm anyone with jokes and his ability to built anything or fix anything always amazed all. He raced dirt bikes cross country, loved fishing, hunting but his true love was his kids and me (his wife). He battled bipolar disorder, and to deal with his pain he drank and used drugs. He kicked the drugs but the alcohol had a hold of him. We divorced because of drinking: I loved him, he loved me and he deeply loved his kids. He needed to love himself. Alcohol loved him more. We remember to laughs and lessons he taught us all and we miss his deeply. His kids: Ryan, Lane, and Erika are finding their way with their dad watching from above. Every day we are proud to keep fighting and helping others in any way that our faith allows us to. We miss you, Geron. YOU MATTER!