Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Gabrielle Davis

My Daughter Forever

When the bottom is not good ENOUGH.

My beautiful girl whose love meant the world to me, so much more than I understood until now, made a terrible choice many years ago. The reasons for which I’ll never understand. That choice led her to a life of addiction and pain.

So long to suffer. So deeply to fall into despair in a life so short. How many beautiful daughters and sons will it take for us to say ENOUGH?

The number of lost lives is staggering in itself, but also consider the devastation left in the wake of their addiction. The toll of sorrow and despair is enormous. In the end all we’re left with is pain that leaves a bottomless hole in our heart.

Jen fought through 10 years of recycled treatments. She was told we can’t help until she is ready. The answer will come when she reaches her bottom. Really? Would that course be acceptable to any other patient or family with any other disease?

The way to beat this is to fall as close to death as you can over and over again. Each time ripping the loved ones from your side as they can’t stand the pain themselves. Till there’s no one but you, alone at your bottom, left to die.

It has to change. Shatterproof sparks a new hope of a realistic understanding. Please take the time to listen and support in any way that you can. The addicted all have families that will continue to suffer until we all say ENOUGH.