Jeramy  Cunningham

Jeramy Michael Cunningham

Passionate, respectful, kind, giving, Godly

This picture is me and my son Jeramy. He passed on March 2nd of this year. He overdosed on heroin. He was an addict with schizophrenia. He was my best friend. I tried so hard to save him. For five years, I tried all I could. I got him out on corrections for stealing from me, hoping the courts would straighten him out. I was scared to death I was losing him. I fought the good fight, no stone left unturned. But I lost the good fight. Jeramy was found by me, in his bed at 930 in the morning. It's a pain that nobody can grasp until it happens to you. I cry daily- I miss my son....RIP SON.....I LOVE YOU JERAMY!! 😗😗😇😇