Samantha and Jaxsen  Kile-Earling

Samantha and Jaxsen Nicole and Michael Kile-Earling

Strong, beautiful, courageous, gypsy soul

Samantha Nicole born November 16th, 1995 and Jaxsen Michael both died November 3rd, 2018. I would like to shed light on the Samantha that we all know and love! Trying to end the stigma and show the world that all lives matter! You see, I know two people here, I know Sam, and all the bad that came with an addicts behaviors, and I know Samantha, my sweet innocent baby girl! During her journey in life, she was very smart and intelligent and active in extracurricular activities in school! It took her just one time to try a drug that forever changed our lives. During her addiction we fought with law enforcement, judges, states attorneys, probation officers, parole officer rehab centers, you name it! At no point did we not try and fight for her life when she just couldn't anymore! During this journey we learned that things need to change and fast. Samantha's journey taught me to love people no matter what and be less judgmental towards the human race! You see my struggle as the parent of an addict. We tried so many ways to help as she fought just as hard. The rehab system sucks! Yes I know they have to want the help. Well I watched as my daughter wanted the help, I mean deep down didn't want to live that way anymore...but the cravings and the mind control and the physical pain outweighed that want in the end. We got her on vivatrol and it helped save her, until in August 2018 we found out she was pregnant and was due in January 2019. At that point even though the OBGYN said baby was fine and healthy and ok'D her to remain on vivatrol throughout the pregnancy, her primary doctor said they would no longer prescribe the vivatrol shot knowing it was saving two lives....4 more shots and baby Jaxsen would have been born! I lost my only child and grandchild in the blink of an eye! Please keep in mind every life matters! #justiceforsamnjax