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Age 17

Nick was a kind soul everyone loved nick he was funny outgoing caring and saw the good in everyone he met

Love thinking of Him as a little boy and his love for ninja turtles he would make a funny face and ask mom where’s my Leonardo that looks like this ? 😀

How funny and creative he was always a jokster

For his kindness and comical personality

Austin Michael Worley

Age 22
My Nephew my Son
Age 22

He was loving funny smart handsome and a pistol all ...didn't know a stranger and loved to be accepted he would help anyone and loved his family he just got lost along the way

When he was a little boy about 2 or 3 I'd put him down into a huge salad bowl spinning him around he loved it ...there is so many he would come jump on my bed and say whats up aunt kee kee I love u 💓

The love he gave and that smile them big blue eyes his smell his crazy 🤪 his everything I miss u beyond measure baby boy I'll never let your memory die u live on through those that love u

That he was a good person and loved people his meme was his world

Trudie Keturah Adkins

Age 48
Good heart, bad choices
Age 48

Life had a grip she couldn’t let go of, but had a pure heart

Time spent as a family

The things left unsaid

How they were prior to addiction

Joshua Adam Angerbauer

Age 42
Ever-hopeful baby brother
Age 42

A relentlessly happy child, Josh knew innately how to soften hearts with his twinkling eyes and big grin. Time's loom wove him a David Byrne-sized "adult" suit--uncomfortable and stiff--but to which he was still making alterations when he left us.

Making him squeal with laughter as I pretended to be a cavorting skeleton.

Hearing how the world was shaping him and thechance to hear how he was starting to shape the world.

Doting father to his three girls.

Jeremy Cermak

Age 35
Son, brother, uncle, friend
Age 35

He had a heart for the homeless. He was always helping people in need. He loves dogs. He was a good mechanic. Loved his family, friends, he loved God. He was a great uncle. He loved to make people laugh. He was a great guy that took the wrong path.

Our favorite memory of Jeremy was when he was outside riding bikes or fixing bikes with his nephews.

His caring heart and the love he had for his friends and family.

For his willingness to help whenever he could, especially when it came to helping fix cars.

Jermaine Thomas

Age 35
Son, Father, Boyfriend, Loving Son of God
Age 35

Jermaine was the most loving, kindhearted, gentle man I knew. His love was unconditional for everyone he met. He wanted nothing but the best for anyone. He and his love will never be forgotten.

The memories are infinite, but his smile, and his laugh are forever edge in my heart and mind forever.

His heart.

I want his unconditional love for everyone to never be forgotten and this loss to not be in vain. We cannot stop to fight for the struggling addicted and recover loudly.

Linda Sue Barnett

Age 36
Humorous Sister and Auntie
Age 36

Linda was always fearless, and full of laughter and comedy. She knew how to make you laugh. When you felt down, she could instantly raise your spirits.

You smile will be missed by many!

Linda's humor and comedic spirit will always be remembered.

Austin Hunter Sparks

Age 24
Son, father, smart, athletic, handsome
Age 24

My son was one the most talented individuals I know . He mastered anything he tried. He loved his family.
Diehard skateboard enthusiasts

Too many to list. Wintergreen ski resort trip at the age of 7.

His smile and love for his family and especially his son Karson. Growing old with me and having a bond like I do with my father . Miss the opportunity for him to be there for his 6 other siblings.

Dare devil and mamas first born ❤️

Age 51

She had a heart of gold, would help anyone in need,
Loved her family, and nephew's

She would help the homeless, bring them in and try to make their lives better

She was my Irish twin, I miss having coffee and talking, going out shopping our mom, I miss the future we no longer have

As a caring loving soul, who would help anyone in need

Lewis Donald Patton

Age 34
Husband &Father
Age 34

He wasn’t just my husband he was my best friend the bond we had was incredible. He had a hug heart always willing to help anyone He was an amazing daddy to our daughters he absolutely loved them. They were only 5&3 when we lost him. They are now 21&19

Wow so many. But I got to say the absolute love he had for me and our daughters. Him putting girls to bed each night with piggy back rides then watching either High School Musical or our absolute favorite Pirates of Caribbean with them. And going into their room and all 3 fast asleep. He knew all the words to songs of High School Musical and sing them with girls. Jack Sparrow was his favorite. I put compass on his chest In casket from The movie to always find his way back to us. Oh Star Wars too

Everything to be honest. It’s been 15 years now and I still miss him terribly. His unconditional love and his incredible personality always made me laugh. 🥲 all the milestones he has missed of our girls. Sweet 16 and their HS graduation. Moving to College. And one day their wedding

A proud husband and father. And proud member of Local 638 Steamfitters.
His love for his country and military.

Travis Michael Hunter

Age 29
,Brother,Father Heart of Gold
Age 29

Travis loved his family more than anything. His 2 Sons, his sister and 4 brothers and his Mom and Dad. We miss him so much. Taken from his family by fentanyl poisoning.

All the years of school and church activities. 20 years of competitive swimming. So many great trips to so many states and cities. After graduating he coached soccer and swimming. He also had a passion for playing basketball with his friends and family. So many good memories.

His laugh and his hugs. Just seeing him happy made me happy. His awesome text messages would instantly bring a smile to your face. He had such a positive attitude towards life.

As a Father, a brother and a Son that loved his family deeply. He had a heart of Gold.!

Devin Leon Burkett

Age 32
Heart of Gold
Age 32

Deaf and just wanted to fit in and communicate with people! Devin had been discriminated against and misunderstood his entire life. He had the biggest heart and trusted everybody.

He loved to teach people sign language. The way he would “light up” when a stranger would sign back to him.

I miss his smile and his giggling but most of all his bear hugs.

As a proud and loving father, son, brother with a heart of gold. He had so much love to give.

Emily Lynne Maser

Age 25
Mother, Daughter, Sister, Loving Soul
Age 25

Emily was the mother I wish I always was. She was fierce, but childlike with the ability to see the glitter through the storm. Through all the adversity she struggled with, her love for her sons was immeasurable. She love everyone unconditionally.

When Emily was 17, she took a weekend trip with her friends to Wildwood. During that trip, Carley, her friend, accidentally knocked out her front four teeth. Emily notified me through text message by sending a picture of her face....I was a work. When I tried to reach out to her she ignored my calls and my pleas to come home, nothing was going to stand in her way of fun. Her jaw was wired shut for 6 weeks, those were the quietest moments of her life, but she still smiled constantly.

Her truth. Emily lived in love and shared it with everyone she met.

I would like her to be remembered as the wonderful mother she was.

Matt John Sharkey

Age 36
Brother Best Friend Irish Twin Uncle Dad
Age 36

A year & 1 day apart, imagine how close we were! We did everything together. Our childhood was awesome. Always had what we needed, wanted etc. We played many sports & had many friends. But we also witnessed a lot of things we shouldn’t have.

I have so many favorite memories of him because him and I were super super close. Irish Twins they say. But one night we were out with my mom and sister at Kohl’s and the 3 of us ventured off while my mom did her shopping. So we decided to play around and dress up into clothes that were obviously too big Bc we were young and small. We all came out of the dressing room at once because it was later at night so barley anyone was there and we dressed the opposite sex, lol we had a ball! Laughing

Everything, I miss his presence. He was so smart intelligent I miss learning from him. I miss having a brother period. I felt safer when he was around. He had spent half his life behind bars in and out, but he was human, A great Uncle, A Great Brother, He was special. I just hope he knows how much he is missed and how much I loved him. My kids miss him, my 14 year old son esp. It’s not fair. He was just released from state & maxed out parole, 5/1/23 He was free but 11 days later he was dead.

His good looks, his intelligence, his street smarts, I want people to remember that he had a heart He had feelings and he wanted to be better. But he couldn’t knock it. It took one night out with this girl whose an addict and that’s all it took. She took him and he never came home. I know he was struggling internally and was scared because he wasn’t under supervision from parole but I wish he believed in himself and gave him self a chance. He deserved a better life. Remember Matt before drugs

Zachary Drew Koehler

Age 48
Big hearted son
Age 48

His addiction had him for over 30 years. Momma always loved him, no matter what. The drugs took him from those who loved him.

I miss his face. Those eyes, those dimples. His hugs.

He would like to be remembered for his kindness and caring about others.

Duran Henson

Age 35
Brother,Father, and loving Friend
Age 35

He was the most loving, kind and passionate man I've ever known. I love him so much. He was there for me while I was going through some very dark times in my life. He gave me the strength to make it through.

The first time I met him he looked at me with his beautiful smile and said Hello Pretty . It was the most beautiful meeting I've ever had.

I will miss how just hearing his voice instantly made everything so much better.

Skyler “Sky” Ketchum

Age 23
Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Cherished Granddaughter. Forever 23. 🖤
Age 23

My sister was one of a kind. She was loving, smart, funny, and so much more. She took no bullshit from anyone. She loved animals, and would have gone far in the beauty industry. She was beautiful inside and out. We miss you Sissy.

One of my favorite memories with my sister was just being with her. From chillin in bed watching our shows to avoiding our parents at every gathering just so we can be together. All of my memories with her are my favorite.

I miss being able to call her. I miss watching her with my son, her nephew, she loved him beyond words. I miss her laugh. I miss talking shit with her and I miss her talking shit to me. I miss how blunt she was. I miss her stories. I miss every single thing about her of every second of every single day.

We will keep Sky’s name alive by continuing the Shatterproof walk every year, by always talking about her and keeping her presence alive. We remember her by celebrating her life and her name. We will always keep Skyler’s name alive in every way possible. LLS 🖤💜

Jae Meyers

Age 39
Age 39

He was the most amazing person ever! He loved and enjoyed spending time with his loved ones and creating memories and loved to smile,laugh,and to joke around.

Theres too many to count.

Everything,His smile,The way he laughed, They way he smelled and his jokingly self!

A loving husband,father and grandpa and son! He fought his toughest battles but god needed him more then what we did

James Kenneth Buck

Age 25
Solid, loving, funny, good friend, family man
Age 25

James nicknamed Jimbo was a beautiful soul Jimbos soul was so bright he shined and glowed his deep blue eyes were like the ocean a gentle and kind person his smile and laugh was truly something that could bring joy to someone else as well ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹

His smile and his laugh

His smile and his laugh
But everything

One of a kind