Philip Hanson

Philip Charles Hanson

Philip was the best brother, friend and person you could ask for. Fiercely protective of anyone he loved, he would literally give you the shirt off of his back if he even sort of thought you needed it. He lived to make people laugh and make them feel loved and happy. And he was my best friend. I am sure anyone who you asked would have a different story that was "classic" Phil, but mine comes from when we were about 4 and 2. We were in the locker rooms at the YMCA after swim class, and he heard someone not being nice to me. From the little boys' locker room, he comes storming into the girls' room, stark naked and screamed "YOU LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE." That, more than any story ever, tells you who he was, to me and lots of other people. He was my protector, my best friend, and my favorite person.