Marlin Ray Black

Father, Husband,Brother
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What Marlin was Like

He was a protector a man who was trying to be better for his family. And a father who would go above and beyond for his boys. And a loving husband who made sure to always be supportive of his wife.

Fondest Memories of Marlin

So many memories but the times we took our kids and Nieces and nephew to school breakfast after school treats he always had to take them somewhere. He showed so much love to us.

How Marlin will be Missed

His pep talks he always reminded me I don’t need certain people in my corner. That I did everything on my own. And he couldnt be more proud to have me as the mother of his kids and wife.

How Marlin will be remembered

For being the best father out of all things in life being a dad is what he did best. From the day he became a dad at 17 to his last day of life. He was so amazing it’s like he was born to be a dad. His love was one of a kind.