Introducing Shatterproof’s Stronger Than Addiction Challenge


Melissa Etheridge plays guitar in a brown leather jacket and wide-brimmed black hat

Each year, the Shatterproof community comes together to celebrate, honor, support and remember loved ones who’ve been affected by or died from addiction. While the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented us from physically coming together at our annual 5K Run/Walks this year, we’re excited to welcome all to our 2020 virtual event: The Shatterproof Stronger Than Addiction Challenge, featuring a performance by Grammy-winning musician Melissa Etheridge.

There has never been a more important time for our community to come together than now. The impact of addiction on Americans is growing in the face of COVID-19. Overdose rates have spiked every month since the virus forced millions into isolation. To continue Shatterproof’s lifesaving work transforming addiction treatment and shattering stigma, we need your support now more than ever.

Whether it be physical, mental or spiritual, we encourage all participants to take on a challenge this September 26. And, of course, we look forward to inviting you back to our in-person events as soon as we’re able!

Leading up to event day, we have a month of exciting opportunities planned for our community to come together in virtual spaces.

  • Stronger Than Addiction Speaker Series: Every Wednesday in September at 1 PM ET, participants and sponsors will be invited to hear directly from influential individuals whose lives have been impacted by addiction. Speakers include professional dancer Corey O’Brien, former NFL and Super Bowl champion Brandon Mitchell, and Jessica Cordova Kramer and Stephanie Wittels Wachs, hosts of the “Last Day” podcast. Each of these speakers have a different story to tell about their own journey with addiction and have dedicated their lives to sharing their stories with others.
  • Stronger Than Addiction Challenge Day: On the morning of September 26, put on your registration t-Shirt (and mask), and complete your challenge! Be sure to take photos or video and share them through your social media channels using #StrongerThanAddiction.
  • Celebration Event: On the afternoon of September 26, after everyone has had time to complete their challenge, we will bring our community together for a virtual gathering to celebrate our collective actions. We’re thrilled to welcome Melissa Etheridge to the Shatterproof community as the headliner guest with an honorary musical performance. Melissa’s life was forever changed by addiction when her beloved son, Beckett Cypher, passed away in May of this year at the age of 21.

We hope you’ll join us on September 26 for the Shatterproof Stronger Than Addiction Challenge and register today, either as an individual or with a team, and get to fundraising. Together, we look forward to shattering the stigma around addiction and saving lives.

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